MailChimp API v3.0 is now live!
Prior versions will no longer be supported after 2016, so all API users should begin transitioning to v3.0.
Check out the API v3.0 Documentation for more details.

MailChimp PartnerAPI v1.3 Documentation

API Endpoints

Important: Our API endpoints (or submit URLs) are datacenter specific. If you are not using a wrapper, you you will need to hard code the endpoint support into your app.

The generic format for the API endpoint is:


Where <dc> should be replaced with the portion after the dash in your API Key. e.g. "us1", "us2", "uk1", etc. A solid example - say your API Key is myapikey-us2. You are in us2, so your API Endpoint would be:

Any other URL would cause an error to be returned!

Input Parameters

For XML-RPC, simply tell your client to connect to:


To submit a JSON encoded object that includes the parameters (and automatically receive JSON output), you must use a HTTP POST request with the URL Encoded JSON string to:


For General Serialized output, use:

http://<dc>[other parameters]

Output Formats for Serialized calls

We support 4 output formats. To use any of them, simply replace OUTPUT_FORMAT above with one of:

  • json (default)
  • php
  • xml

For Serialized versions, method is the method name from our API you are calling and [other parameters] are the parameters the documentation calls for. There are some examples here. Additionally, either POST or GET requests may be used for the serialized versions, though the method currently must always be a GET parameter.

HTTPS / Secure Connections

HTTPS is 100% supported (and required) with valid, signed certificates for all API methods regardless of whether your calls use XML-RPC or the Serialized GET/POST. Those manually coding Submit URLs can simply change the http to https in the URL (make sure your connection library supports HTTPS!). Some API Wrappers have switches to turn HTTPS on - others may require hacking at their source or contacting the author to include support.

Questions? Problems?

Have you run into difficulties or a method just doesn't seem to work right? Check out our API Support options here and we'll be happy to assist you.

Method & Error code docs

Error Codes


A mapping of known Exception classes to numerical codes that will be returned when errors occur.

Method Categories
List Related
User Related

List Related Methods  

createList(string app_key, string apikey, array details)

Create a List for the given user.

User Related Methods  

checkUsername(string app_key, string username)

Check whether a username is available

createUser(string app_key, array details, string username)

Create a user account and login.

getNewUserDc(string app_key)

Return the datacenter that should be used when making createUser() calls.