campaignSubscriberActivity method

campaignSubscriberActivity ( string apikey, string id,  boolean include_empty, string since )

Exports/dumps all Subscriber Activity for the requested campaign.

Full URL:


apikey a valid API Key for your user account. Get by visiting your API dashboard
id the campaign id to retrieve stats for (can be gathered using campaigns())
include_empty optional – if set to "true" a record for every email address sent to will be returned even if there is no activity data. defaults to "false"
since optional – only return activity recorded since a GMT timestamp – in YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss format
text a plain text dump of JSON objects. Each line/row returned is an individual JSON object. Rows are delimited using a newline (\n) marker so implementations can read in a single line at a time, handle it, and move on.