MailChimp API v3.0 is now live!
Prior versions will no longer be supported after 2016, so all API users should begin transitioning to v3.0.
Check out the API v3.0 Documentation for more details.

campaignSubscriberActivity method

campaignSubscriberActivity ( string apikey, string id,  boolean include_empty, string since )

Exports/dumps all Subscriber Activity for the requested campaign.

Full URL:


apikey a valid API Key for your user account. Get by visiting your API dashboard
id the campaign id to retrieve stats for (can be gathered using campaigns())
include_empty optional – if set to "true" a record for every email address sent to will be returned even if there is no activity data. defaults to "false"
since optional – only return activity recorded since a GMT timestamp – in YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss format
text a plain text dump of JSON objects. Each line/row returned is an individual JSON object. Rows are delimited using a newline (\n) marker so implementations can read in a single line at a time, handle it, and move on.