MailChimp API v3.0 is now live!
Prior versions have been deprecated, so all API users should begin transitioning to v3.0.
Check out the API v3.0 Documentation for more details.
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listWebhookAdd – v1.3

 listWebhookAdd(string apikey, string id, string url, array actions, array sources)

Add a new Webhook URL for the given list

List Related
apikey a valid API Key for your user account. Get by visiting your API dashboard
id the list id to connect to. Get by calling lists()
url a valid URL for the Webhook - it will be validated. note that a url may only exist on a list once.
actions optional - a hash of actions to fire this Webhook for
boolsubscribeoptional - as subscribes occur, defaults to true
boolunsubscribeoptional - as subscribes occur, defaults to true
boolprofileoptional - as profile updates occur, defaults to true
boolcleanedoptional - as emails are cleaned from the list, defaults to true
boolupemailoptional - when subscribers change their email address, defaults to true
boolcampaignoption when a campaign is sent or canceled, defaults to true
sources optional - a hash of sources to fire this Webhook for
booluseroptional - user/subscriber initiated actions, defaults to true
booladminoptional - admin actions in our web app, defaults to true
boolapioptional - actions that happen via API calls, defaults to false
bool true if the call succeeds, otherwise an exception will be thrown