MailChimp API v3.0 is now live!
Prior versions will no longer be supported after 2016, so all API users should begin transitioning to v3.0.
Check out the API v3.0 Documentation for more details.

Add MailChimp to Your Website or App

Create integrations that connect MailChimp to a CMS, blog, shopping cart, and more. Our API offers in-depth documentation, a download section for various wrappers, and how-to documents. The majority of data and functionality within our web application is accessible, so the integration possibilities are endless.

Nerds Only!

Not a programmer? Here are a few options that don't involve using our API directly:

If you're not a programmer and you don't have one in your company that you can bribe, there are a few options:

Getting Started

Our Getting Started information explains the basics of using Web/HTTP APIs, and MailChimp's in particular. If you haven't worked with our Web/HTTP before, please take a moment to read about sending and receiving data, serializing data in HTTP requests, and handling timeouts.

What You Can Do with the API

The MailChimp API allows you to sync your database with MailChimp for better list and campaign management. Create client portals, add a subscribe form to your checkout page, segment campaigns based on purchase history, link campaign stats to your database, sync email activity with your database, and more.

  • Mandrill is our transactional email service
  • OAuth2 handles usernames and passwords so you don't have to.
  • Export API allows you to stream large amounts of data out of our servers since normal API calls are buffered.
  • Webhooks allow you to collect information in real time. Provide a URL, decide when and where you want that URL to receive data about supported events, and we'll send over the data as things happen.

Want to Get Paid for This?

We love to see developers building integrations on MailChimp's platform. That's why we created the million-dollar integration fund, which helps pay for those projects. The fund applies to new integrations and plugins, as well as developments that make existing integrations and plugins more effective.

We apply funds on a per-project basis, and the total amount we provide depends on the project and its needs. Interested in integrating? Apply for the fund right here.


Find answers to common questions in our FAQ, or join our Google Group for questions and discussions about MailChimp's API. If you have questions that aren't related to the API, visit MailChimp's support center to email or chat with someone from tech support.