Syncing Database Changes from You to Mailchimp:

In this scenario, you already have a database or list that will be modified or updated according to your standard business processes. But you also need to make sure some of that information is updated for your list members, especially before campaigns go out.

Here are two situations where this might apply:

  1. You have a CRM. (Customer Relation Management) system that's updated during your workday.
  2. You offer a website where users register and manage a profile (an eCommerce site, blog, etc.)

Before continuing, you'll need to get a few things out of the way:

Next Steps

There are a lot ways to do this. Your exact implementation will vary based on your system and your preferences. Here are the ideal basic steps:

Our users typically create a list, then set up some merge tags and potentially interest groups to match fields in their databases that they would like to use when sending newsletters. "Use" may mean "include custom fields in the email content" or even just "segment my list based on this field". Here are a few examples:

  • First Name and Last Name may be included in your content to give your message a personal touch
  • State/Location may be included to segment a list and send a message only to customers in a certain area
  • Store Number Visited may be included to provide dynamic, conditional content based on the store a customer usually visits

You'll need to determine which customers to update and when to update them. We suggest you determine which customers to update one of two ways:

  1. Use a database field to track when users are updated and when your last sync occurred. Then update everyone who has been updated since your last sync.
  2. Keep a list or table of users that need to be synced and have a process run through that list or table at a scheduled time.

To determine when to update the customers, you'd typically run this sync process on your side every night and possibly once more right before a campaign goes out. You should never set up a process that tries to sync every one of your users to us on a regular basis.

About the Sync Process

The sync process is simply a small script or program that your programmer will write to essentially copy your data to the MailChimp system. These programs should be scheduled to run nightly and follow this pattern:

  1. Grab the users to be updated or created
  2. For each user's status, sort them into two batches:
    • Users to be subscribed or updated
    • Users to be unsubscribed
  3. For each of those batches, use: