Reproducing our Forward-to-a-Friend Program and Links:

This is a pretty quick and simple thing to do. Make a few API calls to build up some static URLs that can be inserted into your HTML. If you need the user-specific links, you can store our Unique Emails IDS on your site, or you'll need to make an API call each time.

Let's look at this in detail. Here is our standard Forward-to-a-Friend link:[UID]&id=[CID]&e=[EID]

[UID] is your unique user ID. We return it via the getAccountDetails() method.

[CID] is the campaign ID that we return when you call the campaigns() method.

[EID] is optional. If you want to have it tracked as being sent from a specific existing list member, just call the listMemberInfo() method for their email address. If you are sending this in a campaign, you can simply use [UNIQID] as the value and we'll replace it when the campaign is sent.