The Basic Subscribe Form:

Here, your goal is to get a subscribe form for your list on your site without using the integration code we provide. In case you're wondering, there are three main reasons people don't want to use the forms we provide:

  1. They want a slick AJAXy call that doesn't cause a page transition
  2. They don't want the form to open a new window.
  3. They don't want the user to see a domain that is not their own

This is one of the easiest things to accomplish. Before you break out the big programmer guns, the first thing to do is look at the plethora of signup related plugins and integration that are available. There's a pretty decent chance your system is covered.

Time to roll up your sleeves.

If you are using PHP, we provide full signup examples using PHP here. There is also documentation on the listSubscribe() method that you will use.

Here are the basic steps you'll need to follow regardless of the language or system you use:

  1. Figure out how you want to connect to the API.
  2. Grab your API Key.
  3. Design your HTML form. At the very least you'll need a field for the email address and any Merge Tags you need to capture.
  4. If you want some AJAXy goodness, plan out those callbacks and javascript. Otherwise, set up that form to submit to a script that will run your listSubscribe() code
  5. Once it's making API calls correctly, the script is very simple. All it needs to do is call listSubscribe().
  6. Look for the Double Opt-In email.