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campaignOpenedAIM – v1.1

 campaignOpenedAIM(string apikey, string cid, integer start, integer limit)

Retrieve the list of email addresses that opened a given campaign with how many times they opened - note: this AIM function is free and does not actually require the AIM module to be installed

Campaign AIM
apikey a valid API Key for your user account. Get by calling Get by visiting your API dashboard
cid the campaign id to get opens for (can be gathered using campaigns())
start optional - for large data sets, the page number to start at - defaults to 1st page of data (page 0)
limit optional - for large data sets, the number of results to return - defaults to 1000, upper limit set at 15000
array Array of structs containing email addresses and open counts
Returned Fields
stringemailEmail address that opened the campaign
integeropen_countTotal number of times the campaign was opened by this email address